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Fastmag logistics

You hope to communicate your order information with your logistician more easily? You hope to know in real time the reception or preparation status of your merchandise? With the  logistics module, you can easily send your stock and delivery notes to your logistician.


Easily communicate the information with your logistician


This tool allows you to send your item references as well as the supplier orders to your logistician.

If you have a supplier extranet, you can send your logistics information about the  package contents.

The logistician may, via the logistics module, accept the merchandises and notify you of the reception. You will ,  acknowledge the  inventory receptionin in Fastmag.




Share real-time information

With the logistics module, you can transform the order to reservation list depending on stocks filled in Fastmag. These reservation lists will be sent to your logistician.

The logisticians will prepare the merchandises and send the information about it in the Fastmag software, provided that the quantities are the same or less. The reservation list will , be turned into delivery.

To compare the difference between the quantity in stock and the quantity expected to receive, the logistician will be able to export the inventory from his software to Fastmag.

The logistician will be able to complete the weight of the merchandise and to integrate it into Fastmag.


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