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E-Business: Online B to B wholesale website

You want to offer your product catalog online to your B to B customers? With Fastmag E-Business, customers are able to view, with or without stock, your products and take an order online. The entered orders are automatically inserted into your Fastmag Wholesale sales management without double entry or error.

Three greatest reasons to adopt Fastmag E-Business software


For your customers

Access your product catalog and take an order 24h/24 on internet


For your sales staff

Customers’ orders are directly integrated in Fastmag in real time


For you

Making use of an order taking tool without data re-entry in Fastmag

Easy to use, intuitive and complete


For your customers


For your sales staff

  • Secure user access and password for your customers

  • The client can only see the contents under your authorization (part of the goods, a special rate, ...)

  • Online order taking with integration in real-time Fastmag Wholesale

  • Management of customer restocking based on purchased / sold products; and based on your stock availability

  • Online payment from your customers by credit card

  • Access to the product catalog or to order 24h / 24 on internet

  • Can be used on PC, Mac, iPad or tablets

  • An intuitive and complete order taking tool without  information re-entry into Fastmag

  • Management of customer base in the same interface

  • Access to the complete customer history (orders, balances, delivery orders, invoices, bank statement ...)

  • Consultation of available and theoretical stock in real time


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