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Fastmag Analytics

You hope to manage your analytical accounting from Fastmag Wholesale? The Analytical Module will give you an overview of the accounting entries, which allows you to manage your accounting and calculate the results easily.


Analytical invoice allocation

You allocate your bills according to predefined criteria such as season, brand, analytical code of the client, etc.

You can manage your analytical accounting by combining your expenses (charges) and income (by item, for exapmle, store name, service name, etc.) that you have defined in advance.


Access and manage your accounting

The analytical balance will offer an overview of each item result and the general ledger to inform you of the account details by item.

You can also calculate and visualize the account details item by item, via the analytic situation within a few clicks.

You can list all the accounting records that were not associated with an item and those that are not balanced.




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