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Fastmag Wolesale - Add-ons



Fastmag E-Business


Fastmag Manager

Fastmag E-Business is an online selling website for B2B wholesale. It is the continuation of Fastmag Wholesale and allows your customers to connect to your e-commerce website to buy wholesale on internet 24/7.

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Consult with your smartphone in real time and over a period of time your delivery note, orders, assets, turnover, invoices, etc.

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Fastmag Analytics


Fastmag Logistics

Manage your accounting by viewing accounting entries based on predefined criteria such as season, brand, customer analytic code, etc.

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Easily send your stocks and delivery notes to your logistician to know in real time the status of receiption or preparation of your goods.

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Fastmag EDI Web


Supplier Extranet

Interface Fastmag Wholesale with your B2B e-commerce website. Share datas in real-time as product catalog, prices, customers, etc.

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Exchange your data (supplier orders, deliveries and receipts) with your supplier in real time.

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Trade of goods declaration

The trade of goods declaration is a Community Customs document, which informs the French Customs of the intra-Community trade of goods. It allows you to automate the process of declaration, and it is interfaced with the e-procedures of the French Customs website.

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