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Integrated tax refund

You have foreign customers and want to offer them a tax refund? You need an easy, fast and integrated solution with your POS software? With Fastmag, you can offer tax free service at store in a few seconds without re-entering information.

The tax refund integrated in Fastmag allows you to issue tax refund slips that conform to the new customs legislation quickly and easily.


Automatic detection of customers eligible for the tax refund

During customer payment and bank card reading in the payment terminal, Fastmag informs you if the customer is a foreigner and if he/she is eligible for a tax refund.


Fastmag proposes the tax refund automatically

In case the customer is eligible, the Fastmag software provides tax refund automatically and calculates the remaining amount to apply for the advantage.

The minimum amount is 175.01€.


Automatic entry of customer information for the loyalty program

Customer information is automatically filled in Fastmag software. You do not need to re-enter information manually to edit the VAT refund slip. Everything is automatic. These customers complement your customer database to increase your customer loyalty. 



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