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Supplier Extranet

This tool allows you to interface your purchase orders, deliveries and merchandise reception. Your supplier may, through this tool, receive real-time orders, prepare and label your items, and finally send them to your chosen store. For you, you can manage parcel / merchandise reception, and / or acknowledge the reception.



Taking an order from Fastmag

From Fastmag software, you can fill in a supplier and associate it with an order. Your supplier can automatically access this order via its supplier extranet.


From the supplier extranet

Your supplier is consulting the ongoing orders.

Order delivery

The supplier decides the parcel package, that is to say the distribution of products per package. He can print labels, product by product, package by package, as well as edit the packing list.

Logistics Management

The provider decides the mode of transport for the parcel by indicating the weight and volume, parcel by parcel, and their destination. The provider chooses the incoterm code for the delivery and the name of the deliverer.


Parcel reception in Fastmag software

From Fastmag software, you are able to confirm the merchandise reception. The information will be automatically sent to the supplier via the extranet.

From the packing list, you can search for a package by beeping the package label or by entering the package number. You can access to delivery details which provide you with a delivery summary.


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