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Fastmag SmartDisplay

You want to convey information and enhance your communication with your customers? With Smart Display, use your customer’s screen to broadcast multimedia content (web pages, images, videos, etc.) in addition to information relating to the sale (products, price, etc.).




A screen for clients , another way of communication

With Fastmag SmartDisplay, customer display is divided into two for double information convey. It works with a second screen connected to the POS terminal or an additional PC.

One third of the screen is dedicated to inform the customer of the sold products, quantity and price. The other two thirds of the screen allows to convey dynamic multimedia messages.


Disseminate on one or more screens  

You can broadcast the same message on several screens. The dissemination will be done automatically in a few minutes at all your stores. It insures that all your shops can correctly convey your communication to your customers.

The message may be different depending on the store, the screen's location (on the window, near the cashier desk, in the sales area), depending on the day of the week, the time period and even depending on the weather.


Customize your communication

It will soon be possible to refine your message according to the product sold by presenting related products.

You can also display a specific message based on the customers by offering them, for example, the store's loyalty card if they do not own one.


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