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Fastmag Select

An effective, intuitive, user-friendly software to take supplier orders with or without internet

Need to take a quick order from remote suppliers with or without internet? Need to create product references easily? With Fastmag Selection, save time to take your supplier orders easily.



Collect information easily

Fastmag Selection is an effective and intuitive tool that allows you to take supplier orders, even when you are traveling abroad or participating in a trade show.

With this order taking tool, you can recall an existing product or create a reference by size, color, photo, etc.

You can combine a purchase order to one or more stores in a few seconds.

Fastmag Selection fonctions with or without internet.

Save time and avoid re-entry errors

With Fastmag Selection, you do not need to re-enter purchase orders in your Fastmag software. All information is automatically synchronized. This tool works with or without the internet and can be used on PC or Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.



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