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Fastmag Mobile Manager

You want to monitor the activities of your shops from your iPhone, iPad or tablet smartphone?  With Fastmag Mobile Manager, see real-time sales your stores, view product sales and salespeople’s performance.




View your turnover

From Fastmag Mobile Manager, you can view the turnover of each shop or chain stores in a given period. You can get the margin detail at each store.

It is also possible to view the transaction volume at each store based on the quantity of product sold.


Retail transaction detail

By selecting a store, you can view the revenue details by type of transaction, payment method, product group and product.




Best-Selling Products

This module allows you to view your best-selling products across all stores in a given period. You can view your best-selling products in terms of turnover or sales quantity.


Best seller

With this module, you are able to view your top salesperson in a chosen time, depending on the turnover or the sales quantity.




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