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Fastmag is interfaced with your e-commerce site by sharing the same product catalogues and the same client base. With the Fastmag Electronic Data Interchange, your data can be connected and shared to manage your e-commerce website (Magento, Prestashop, etc.) as a traditional store.



Product Catalogue

The product catalogue at your physical store is automatically shared with the one on your e-commerce site, with no need to re-enter the information. You can also hide an item on your site, mark it as "new" or "promotion" as you want .

You choose the quantity as well as the sizes and colors in your stock to be associated with your e-commerce site. 


Product Details

When a user opens a product file on your e-commerce site, the Fastmag EDI verifies the stock availability.





Validation of the order

Identification or creation of a customer

The Fastmag EDI searches for the customer record in the database. If it does not exist, the user will be informed of the necessary information to create a customer file.

Ultimate inventory availability verification

The EDI Fastmag verifies the inventory availability to avoid providing a product not available. 

Order registration

If the product is available, Fastmag will mark it as "reserved", so that the product will not be offered to other clients.

Ordering payment registration

After payment, the product will be removed from the stock. If the payment is canceled, the product will be automatically returned to your stock.



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