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You want to gather as much information about your customers? Need a tool for rapid information collection witch is synchronized with Fastmag?  With Clipad, offer the possibility to customers to inform their own store contact information via a touch pad. 



Gather as much information as we can about your customers

When the customer passes by the cashier desk, the salesperson’s name will be saved in the Fastmag software.

The customer may , consult more store information via a touch pad, to get the information needed.

The customer has the option to agree to be contacted by SMS, email or letter and receive offers from the business partners.


A quick and easy way to Loyalty program

The salesperson does not waste time at the cashier desk, he / she can make use of this moment to complete the customer information.

After validating the information by the client, the data will be automatically integrated into the customer file in Fastmag.


Match the card reader with Clipad

By combining the card reader with Clipad, the client's name and surname are pre-filled by reading the magnetic stripe of the card, and , the customer file is created automatically.

The salesperson can connect the customer file to Clipad by one click. It provides the customer with an opportunity to fill in his / her information via a touch pad.

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