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Fastmag Retail - Add-ons



Fastmag Mobile Sales


Mobile Manager

The first application that allows stores to register their transactions directly with a mobile device.

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Consult in real-time sales of your stores, view product sales and vendor performance.

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Integrated tax refund

Offer to your customers the possibility to fill in their own contact information in-store with a touch pad.

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Offer the tax refund in a few seconds, without re-entering the information and complying with the Pablo legislation.

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Fastmag Survey


Supplier extranet

With Fastmag Survey, develop the knowledge to your customers by asking questions to your customers.

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Your supplier will be able to receive your orders in real time, prepare them, label your items and send them to the store of your choice.

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Fastmag Select


Fastmag Smartdisplay

With Fastmag Select, save time by taking your supplier orders easily with or without internet connection.

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Use your customer’s screen to broadcast multimedia content (web pages, videos, etc.) to increase your communication with your customers.

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Fastmag Replay


Fastmag delivery

This tool makes it possible to make sales only for fastmag customers equipped with the VPC mode to register the sales in store very quickly. 

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This tool is designed for restaurants and allows you to assign your orders to your deliverers within a  few clicks.

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