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Fastmag Production - Features



Orders and Receptions


Follow-up of production orders

  • Determination of the need for finished product according to customer orders or production orders

  • Determination of the need for raw materials and supplies according to orders, fabrication or cutting orders

  • Supervision of outsourced manufacturing

  • Outsourcing reception with tracking of ordered due items, management of defective and missing items

  • Management of finished products model / material in sizes and colors, photos, sketches, drawings and washing symbols



Easy to use and intuitive


Calculation of the industrial cost price

  • Ergonomic and visual interface

  • Getting started in few minutes

  • Calculation of purchase cost

  • Calculation of the cost of supply

  • Calculation of the cost of production

  • Calculation of the cost of distribution

  • Calculation of administrative costs



Supply Management


Component management

  • Order and reception of raw materials and supplies

  • Management of outsourcing credit agreements with follow-up of production, manufacturing defects and production quotas



Data sheets


Reception of finished products

  • Technical data sheets with consumption materials, supplies, and various expenses

  • Management of outsourcing and fabrication orders

  • Account tracking

  • Delivery note score

  • Down Payment 



Production management



  • The product files created in production are sent in the business module

  • The entered customer orders in Wholesale are synchronized in Production

  • The launches of production generate the supplier order duplication purchase in the business module

  • The reception of outsourcing Production generates the duplication of goods reception and the ordered due items in the commercial module



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