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Online backup

Why do you need online backup?

Nowadays the computer system is the center of your business and has become more and more indispensable to the functioning of your business. This is why it is important to ensure that all the data stocked in the computer is safe and properly stored.

Work safely

With Securisave solution, you can work peacefully and no longer worry about your data security. Fastmag ensures assistance in case of a problem. The backups are automated as you need.





In case of theft, breakage or fire, your data is protected and safe. They are compressed, encrypted and transferred via an Internet connection on a secure external server.

No operator intervention is required

Configure your online backup system only once. Backups are , effectuated automatically every day. They are usually effectuated ​​at night in order to avoid disturbing your work in process.

You can always restore your data from the last backup effectuated. All backups are automatically performed every day.



Your files are available 24h/24. Your data can be restored in whole or in part within one click.

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