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Manage your points of sale in the fashion and textiles industy



Fastmag software is historically linked to the fashion, textile, personal equipment, footwear, jewelery, accessories and more.

This point-of-sale management software dedicated to the retail business has been specially designed for a simple and intuitive management of the specificities of your business by offering in particular a variation in sizes and colors of your products.

In addition, this software has very advanced functionalities in terms of collection of customer information and CRM.

Some features...

V4-CODE-BARRE Entering sales V4-TAILLE-COULEUR Size and color management in stock V4-FACILE Easy to use


V4-CRM Loyalty program V4-COMMANDES Orders and Receptions V4-E-COMMERCE Connected to e-commerce


V4-ANALYSES Analyzes and statistics V4-MULTI-MAGASINS Multi-store management V4-MULTI-SUPPORT Multi-device


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Manage your B to B activity in the fashion and textiles industy


Fastmag Wholesale business management software allows to manage all the processes related to the fashion sector, textile, personal equipment, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

This solution allows you to optimally manage your business from purchases to sales, and ensures that the right products are in the right stores at the right price and at the right time. 

Fastmag Wholesale offers in particular a management of the referential (products, prices, suppliers), the management and management of the whole purchasing / import chain as well as inventory management, optimization of reassortment and supply cycles.



Some features...

V5-CONNECTE-BOUTIQUE Connected to Fastmag Retail V5-GESTION-COMMERCIALE Business management B2B V5-INTERFACE-LOGISTIQUE Logistics interface


V5-CRM-FIDELISATION CRM and loyalty V5-INTERFACE-COMPTABLE Accounting interface V5-MULTI-DEPOTS Multi-warehouse


V5-ANALYSE Analyzes and statistics V5-COMMANDE-RECEPTION Ordering and receiving V5-ECOMMERCE-B2B E-commerce B2B


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Create your online sales website
B2B and B2C 



Fastmag E-commerce is a web-based B2C web site creation software natively interfaced with the cash register software Fastmag Retail and the business and accounting software Fastmag Wholesale.

This intuitive solution allows you to manage your online sales easily through a site that is 100% customized to the clutter of your brand.

Fastmag E-Business is an online B2B sales solution for your customers for access to the product catalog available 24 hours a day and to your sales forces for order intake.


Some features...

V5-E-CONNECTE-BOUTIQUE Connected to Fastmag Retail  V5-E-VENTE-EN-LIGNE Online sales V5-E-DESIGN-PERSONNALISABLE Customizable design


V5-E-PAIEMENT-SECURISE Secure payment V5-E-REFERENCEMENT-OPTIMISE Search Engine Optimization V5-E-GESTION-DES-LIVRAISONS Delivery Management


V5-E-CRM CRM and Loyalty V5-E-RESPONSIVE Responsive website V5-E-CLICK-AND-COLLECT Click & Collect


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Fastmag Retail is a point of sale management solution. This checkout software allows inventory management in real time and in full web. Cash register and point-of-sale management mode shoe accessories - Cash register and point-of-sale ready-to-wear management - Cash register and point of sale management - Cash register and POS management -to-door - Cashier store and point-of-sale management software lingerie - Cash register software store and point-of-sale management jewelery leatherware - Cashier shop software and garment outlet management - Cash register and store management software Sale of sporting goods

Fastmag Wholesale is a commercial and accounting management software B to b. This solution manages wholesale sales and manages its accounting. You will develop your business to business sales with this commercial and accounting management software.

Fastmag E-commerce is a software that allows you to create your e-commerce site for online sales. With this tool you will develop your sales on the internet. With Fastmag E-commerce, your stocks and data are shared with the software Fastmag Retail, cash register software for the management of wind points.


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